My focus is on creative, accessible and impactful storytelling. Whether it’s through a single photo, moving images or the written word, my goals are to push concepts to their creative limits and emotionally engage my intended audience. This can be applied to works of fiction for film and television, as well promotional work for individuals and companies. My skills are well suited to helping artists in other mediums promote their work, as well as small to mid-range companies develop an identity for their brand.

Samples of completed projects can be found in the writing and video sections of this website. As a screenwriter, I have a trove of samples I can provide upon request. Amongst them are a variety of feature film and television projects, the most recent of which include: a spec horror script, THE DEAD OF WINTER (which was previously optioned by producer Ted East, but is now back on the market); an apocalyptic horror/sci-fi feature screenplay titled DYING DAYS; the pilot episode for DIRTY DEEDS, a half-hour sitcom (co-written with M. John Kennedy), and AT ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS, an hour long sci-fi teen drama.

To find out more about me and my work, please visit the writing, photography or video sections.

Or, feel free to contact me at roger.rousseau.writes@gmail.com