Goodnight Oscar


Over the past several years, my interest in the Oscars has been on a slow decline. This year it has reached nil. And so for the first time that I can remember, I won’t even be watching the show. This has nothing to do with the quality of the fine films and artists that are being honoured. It’s that I have no interest in viewing films in a competitive arena anymore. These filmmakers have already won by making quality films that have captured the attention and imaginations of the filmmaking community, critics and public alike. Whichever one brings the statue home is rather irrelevant.

Sure, one could argue that a show such as the Oscars will provide some of the lesser-known films with some much needed exposure. But, in the age of social media — where everyone is an amateur critic — I suspect that most of tonight’s Oscar viewers have already heard of the nominees and have already decided on whether or not they will see these films.

Which then leaves us with the show itself as the only real reason to watch, and let’s be honest here, it hasn’t been entertaining in years.

If you’re excited about watching the Oscars, well, don’t let me crap all over your fun. But, I would suggest that you’ll find much more value in actually watching any of the nominated films tonight instead (well… maybe not Transformers 3).